Diane Bukowski Describes Her Arrest

I arrived two and one-half hours after the chase and showed my press ID to three troopers. A bystander said there was a body under two yellow tarps, and I saw a crushed motorcycle farther down. I stepped forward a few feet to take a photo of the tarps and cycle. I crossed no yellow caution tape and was 70 feet from the remains.

At that point, Sgt. Linda Mys screamed at me from across the street, “Who the FUCK do you think are? You’re under arrest.” I was summarily brutally arrested and handcuffed by troopers Andrea Barber and Matthew Kellar, to whom I had identified myself.  Barber wrenched my arm up behind my back with my hand against my neck, and tightened that cuff painfully. I heard one trooper ask, “We’re arresting the media now?”

I told the troopers I did not know I was in any restricted area, and would leave, but they did not let me.  Kellar wrote in his report that there was a significant gap in the yellow tape where I walked to my vantage point. I did not resist at any point, shown clearly in Fox 2 News coverage of my entire arrest.

Trooper Eric Byerly erased two photos from my camera (admitted in his report).  Judge Michael Hathaway later said this destruction of evidence was a crime, but Byerly has not been prosecuted. My notebook, which had interviews, addresses and phone numbers of two previous police brutality victims, was also taken and not returned until hours later.

I was booked for “obstruction” at State Police HQ and released.  Several days later, Worthy’s office charged me with FIVE FELONY COUNTS of  “assaulting, battering, wounding, resisting, obstructing, or endangering” police.  All but two counts were dismissed at my preliminary exam.

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